Year in Review: 2014 Uber List

How did I do?

Here’s my list from last year:

1. Ask for a raise. This is kind of a cheat. I already have a meeting scheduled, and my reasons worked out. Now I have to sit in my bosses office and say, “It’s time for me to get a raise.”

I’m pretty terrified.

2. Update and promote my blog.

3. Redo the front closet and paint the hallway going up the stairs.

4. Write and publish something not blog or work related.

5. Find a new brand of pants that fits. And buy all the colors.


1. I got a raise. It has gone poof this year, but that is a story for another time. (Think health insurance premiums.)
2. Um… I did make a few tweaks. And I’m more active on Facebook. But I need to do better.
3. Front closet: yes. Hallway: no.

Front closet redo
Front closet redo
Up-the-stairs hallway.
Up-the-stairs hallway.

4. I did branch out a little bit. I guest posted here and here a few times. I wrote copy for this guy.
5. This one hasn’t worked out so far. But, I don’t shop that much either.


I have my word of the year, and lots of thoughts about it.

My uber-list for 2015 is shaping up, and it will be short and sweet like 2014’s list.


2 thoughts on “Year in Review: 2014 Uber List

  1. I have a list this year, which isn’t usual for me. But I wanted to finish another Icon, and the people at church wanted a class on painting icons, so it sounded like God was just arranging things pretty easily for me. The other one is scarier; there is a possible surgery for my back I am going to investigate. It scares me to death, but something has got to give. And I am going to lose the last 15 pounds on the assumption that 15 pounds less on my back will help, even if the surgery turns out to be too dangerous for gumby joints.

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