Year in Review: My Top Moments of 2014

1. I asked for a raise! I got it too, albeit not as much as I had asked for.

2. My cousin got married to his husband, and we went to his reception in Erie.

3. I quit smoking.

4. Kate and Michael had T&A surgery, plus got ear tubes. There were a couple of bumps along the way. And afterwards.

Looking back (and knocking on wood), this was probably our best parenting decision of 2014. Kate and Michael have been doing so much better. No snoring, no sleep apnea, no ear infections. They actually have not been seriously ill since the surgery.

5. I discovered rhubarb is DELICIOUS.

6. We went to Erie and did everything. It was the best vacation (with children) so far.

7. I discovered the Afghan Whigs, and dragged Dan to see them live. (He’s a good sport.) More on this later.

8. And I went to go see Mockingjay: Part I. Well worth the price of admission.

Those are just the highlights. Lots more happened. Mostly good.

How about for you? What was the highlight of 2014?

Greg Dulli, leader of Afghan Whigs
Greg Dulli

2 thoughts on “Year in Review: My Top Moments of 2014

  1. Baby
    The Replacements
    New England summer vacation
    remodel/move (more of a lowlight)
    Podcast hit its rhythm
    Kids discovered love of board games (and not the crappy generic ones you find in every department store)

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