Not a Disney Princess

(Stole a writing prompt from here, even though I’m not NaBloPoMo’ing.)

I like vacations, and as my children get older, I am really enjoying being in vacation-y places with them.

But there’s one place — a vacation destination to end all vacation destinations — that I have no desire to experience as a parent. And that’s Disney World.

I don’t understand the attraction of Disney, although I have vague memories of being there as a child. I have not been harboring hopes of returning with my own children. It’s never been a goal.

I’m not going to make fun of people who like Disney. You do you, as they say. The appeal has just never been apparent to me. What is the magic of the Magical Kingdom? (Sincere question.)

ETA: I am also intimidated by the planning and cost that go into a Disney vacation. I don’t want to do it. I’d rather stay within a small budget, and rely on my Fodor’s guidebook.

One of my favorite family vacations was our trip to Cape Cod. Kate was still in diapers, which means M wasn’t even around yet. We had a great week, the four of us, in a little cabin up there, wandering around the little town. I mean, we found a trampoline park!

(OMG, I just took a few minutes to check out my blog posts from that 2009 vacation and LOOK HOW LITTLE MY GIRLS ARE. WTH? HOW IS FLORA TURNING 10 ON TUESDAY? *sob*)

We love weekends in the woods. Those might be my current favorites, too.

We take an annual trip to Seven Springs each summer for the extended Patton family clan vacation. That’s always a great time. Two words: pool time.

This summer, I am hoping we have the disposable income to travel to Chicago in June with the children for the Blues Festival. It’s just a city I’ve always loved, and I’d like to go there with them (and Dan, of course).

And I suppose that’s the thing: I like vacationing in cities, not theme parks. I like hotel suites with kitchens so we’re not going out to dinner all the time. I like zoos and museums and the possibility of an amusement park. I like buying tour guides and looking up family-friendly activities.

Again, I don’t have anything bad to say about Disney. I went as a child, and I know we went to Epcot, which was still new. It’s just not imprinted on me. Disney with the family isn’t a goal. Chicago, 2015, though. Definitely.

Oh, and IRELAND 2016.

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Less this:

What’s a vacation destination other people seem to love that holds no interest for you? Where do you love to vacation with your family?

6 thoughts on “Not a Disney Princess

  1. When we first went to Disney a few years ago both my wife and I ever not into it, we did it for an experience for,the kids and to see what it was like. Neither of us went before and we thought that kids would like it. The first day was horrible, we were ready to call it a loss and go back to Daytona. But, things calmed and we hada great. My wife and girls love rides, me not so much. I think we just loved the beauty of the place and the attention to detail to create it. You can get that else where Else where though. We went again with my father and his wife and had fun. Will we go again, probably, but that is not next on our list. Anywhere we can road trip to, we don’t like flying.

      • We go to the beach in NJ every year, just like I did as a kid. They get a week with their grandmother and uncles, I get to visit old friends, and we don’t drain our savings account for it. I went to disney when I was 8ish, and barely remember it. I agree that it seems silly to spend SO much money when they won’t remember. I’d rather save for a trip they will remember. We have yet to take a big trip with the kids.

  2. I also don’t understand Disney. People feel super strongly about it! I kind of sort of want to visit Harry Potter world, but I don’t want to pay $100 per person to do that…

    We don’t really take trips as a family that aren’t related to visiting our relatives. My husband gets so little time off work and we tend to spend that time going to see either my parents or his. I’d really, really like to go to the beach this coming summer. Miles has only been to the beach once in his 5 years and Felix has never been! My family always, always went to the Delaware beaches. I’d like my boys to experience that.

    • The costs are definitely a con for me. I can’t see justifying it, especially with very young children who won’t remember it.

      I hope you get to the beach! The boys will love it.

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