New and Notable

On our way to my brother’s house yesterday afternoon, I realized we hadn’t eaten lunch. Not wanting to raid the cabinets in my SIL’s kitchen, we decided to stop somewhere. Dan suggested The Ramen Bar, which he had read about in City Paper.

Score 1 for Dan.

Lunch was excellent, and abundant — we have enough leftovers for two more meals at least. My kids dove into those ramen bowls like Japanese noodle pros (although we got fried rice for M). M went through his rice digging out the egg, the carrots, and the shiitake mushrooms; I neglected to tell him they were mushrooms, and he just kept saying, “Found another one!” and gulping them down. In the meantime, Flora shared her mussels and squid from her seafood ramen.

Kate noticed M’s enthusiasm for those little brown things, and asked to taste one. She balked when I used the “m” word. “Kate,” I pointed out, “you have eaten mussels and squid today. You can’t not taste a mushroom.”

We’ll be back!


And, presented with as little comment as I can manage: The Afghan Whigs. I may write more; I am undecided. I was a happy woman Saturday night.

Greg Dulli, leader of Afghan Whigs
Greg Dulli
John Curley of the Afghan Whigs
John Curley
Afghan Whigs setlist
Afghan Whigs setlist. They played “Lost in the Woods” instead of “These Sticks”, which I consider a win, because “Lost in the Woods” is probably my favorite from Do the The Beast.

Photo credits go to my Brand New Friends, Janet Gray and Heidi Wood.

Score 2 for Dan, because he is a very patient man. He let me have my fangirl night. He hasn’t made too much fun of me.

What new experiences have you had lately, readers?