The Mother of All Mommy Blogging Dilemmas

I want to give you all an update about how school is going, what the children are up to, what new changes in our routines have meant.

One of my children, though… driving me crazy. There are issues, problems, dilemmas. And I don’t want to post them here to complain about said child — I want to post them here because I NEED SUGGESTIONS.

Maybe I should just email a few of my friends who are moms or those who are in education. Although, too, let’s face it, it’s not like I have hundreds of thousands of readers that are going to see me posting about my child.

Someday, I imagine my children will see this blog. They are aware of social media, Facebook and Twitter and the like. They watch YouTube videos. They get how the Internet works. We use search engines for homework already.

I guess, for me, context is important. I don’t want my children to see one or two of my blogs posts and think, “Jeez, my mom didn’t like me very much.” It goes without saying how much I love my children — they are really great kids.

The other course of action is to brag on the child who is outstanding as of late. Although I’m not sure how that helps me help the other child.

It’s nothing of an embarrassing nature. I try not to do that. When M was born, I told myself that I was never going to post about my children’s potty habits (I think I was discreet before that as well; I’m a big believer in not talking about poop on the Interwebz). I never talked about accidents — or, even, successes. That was uber private. Anything having to do with my children’s bodies — that’s just off limits.

What say you, my readers? Shall I outline the dilemma here and ask for suggestions? Keep it to an email? Keep this place positive?

Those darn kids!
Those darn kids!

7 thoughts on “The Mother of All Mommy Blogging Dilemmas

  1. I think you should post. This is not just a space for your kids — it’s a space for YOU and if they someday read the post, what they’re going to see is a mother who needed help, reached out for advice, and maybe even recognize some of the actions you took based on that advice.

    (Whoa. Run on sentence; sorry)

    Anywho, I think your children are plenty smart enough to recognize that you love them unconditionally while still be able to dislike their behavior sometimes.

  2. my goodness, in that pic above your kids are all obviously siblings. Too cute. I’d suggest taking it to email. Asking fellow moms w/kids of the same age or older.

  3. I think we, as parenting bloggers, are a bit different in this regards. There is the parenting/education issue, which is common or shared with all other parents. It’s the privacy thing that we struggle with. What do we share? What do we hold back? Is it appropriate for the niche we have carved for ourselves? How do we seek advice for a problem that we have created?

  4. About 1.5 years ago, my kid was having a problem with another kid. I emailed the mom because I wanted to try to figure it out. When I did not hear back, I wrote a vague post about it. I didn’t use names, and I tried to put a positive spin on it. The mom ended up calling me up and yelling at me. Even though I had never told anyone at school about my blog, I guess another parent found it through another blog. In any event, I was pretty much shaking by the end of the call. I took the post down, and I never again posted about something that could in any way be construed negatively about school and/or someone in it that my kid was having an issue with it. But it made me sad because there are times I need an outlet and/or and I need advice. Even if there is not something going on with school, I worry/wonder that some parent from school will read about it and judge my kid. That concerns me.

    Just something to keep in mind, and hopefully there are nicer parents at your kid’s school.

  5. I know I’m late to the party, but I think there are ways to protect the child’s personal information and still post about a dilemma that affects you! I sure hope so, because I do it, too.

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