The Mother of All Mommy Blogging Dilemmas

I want to give you all an update about how school is going, what the children are up to, what new changes in our routines have meant.

One of my children, though… driving me crazy. There are issues, problems, dilemmas. And I don’t want to post them here to complain about said child — I want to post them here because I NEED SUGGESTIONS.

Maybe I should just email a few of my friends who are moms or those who are in education. Although, too, let’s face it, it’s not like I have hundreds of thousands of readers that are going to see me posting about my child.

Someday, I imagine my children will see this blog. They are aware of social media, Facebook and Twitter and the like. They watch YouTube videos. They get how the Internet works. We use search engines for homework already.

I guess, for me, context is important. I don’t want my children to see one or two of my blogs posts and think, “Jeez, my mom didn’t like me very much.” It goes without saying how much I love my children — they are really great kids.

The other course of action is to brag on the child who is outstanding as of late. Although I’m not sure how that helps me help the other child.

It’s nothing of an embarrassing nature. I try not to do that. When M was born, I told myself that I was never going to post about my children’s potty habits (I think I was discreet before that as well; I’m a big believer in not talking about poop on the Interwebz). I never talked about accidents — or, even, successes. That was uber private. Anything having to do with my children’s bodies — that’s just off limits.

What say you, my readers? Shall I outline the dilemma here and ask for suggestions? Keep it to an email? Keep this place positive?

Those darn kids!
Those darn kids!