Premature Worry

Michael talks all the time.

In the evenings, M will not sit. He wanders — bounces — around the kitchen until everyone else is sitting at the table. During nighttime show, he plays with cars. Sometimes very loudly. Or jumps off the arm of the couch. Or just hurls himself into a pile of pillows. Over and over. And over again.

In other words, he is, as far as activity goes, All Boy.

I admit, the talking thing took me off guard. I thought: boy + 2 older sisters = talking by the time he was 3, maybe. Plus, with the ear infections, I figured a speech delay was a given.

Not so much.

I am starting to wonder how we are going to get through evenings. M will not go outside when I ask him to.

He really needs to run around outside.

I’m starting to worry about how we’re going to do when the cold sets in.

I’m starting to wonder how he is going to do in preschool.

What’s really a problem, I’m starting to wonder how he will do beyond preschool. Which makes no sense. There’s no way of telling. He may do fine in a group of kids who are sitting still. He does okay at dinner when we all sit at the same time.


I’m sure I’m just spinning in my own head. I wish the children had their own space, but finishing the basement is in indefinite limbo.

I’m just looking for problems for some reason. I just think of me, and three children, in not very many rooms, for nine months.

I’m just worrying.

What are you worried about?

What, me worry?
What, me worry?


4 thoughts on “Premature Worry

  1. Jamie is like this. Always has been. It’s impossible to watch a TV show you WANT to watch with him in the room because he never. shuts. up. And that is in the face of a significant speech delay!

    But that’s here at home. At school? Totally different kid. All the reports I get are that he’s helpful and rule-obeying and does just fine. So, on the school score, set your mind at ease. Kids are often very different in the classroom than they are at home. Both of my kids were and are like this.

    As for the winter? Weeeellll, all I can suggest are playdates and lots of them. It does get difficult when you’ve just HAD IT with the chatter and can’t take anymore input. I know that you are even more like that than I am. If that happens, I try to have Scot take over if he’s home or just go in a room and shut the door and try to be quiet for 10 minutes. This doesn’t always work because I get followed, but I do try.

    Hang in there. You’re going to figure it out and try not to borrow trouble. One day at a time and all that.

    • Thanks. Some of the issue of evenings, too, is become I’m coming home from a space that is 100% mine and usually quiet. And then it’s THREE KIDS ALL UP IN MY GRILL. (Okay, less Flora, more Kate, mostly M). I worry about traditional schooling with Flora, too, because of her love of learning and hatred of homework. So. It’s just M’s turn to be in mommy’s worry spotlight!

  2. My older son enters 5th grade tomorrow. I’m worried about him getting into high school, then what college he’ll go to. I’m worried about my daughter’s grades this year and next. And so on. Having these thoughts and fears is normal. Letting them control you is detrimental, and that’s what we need to work on.

    • I do try to focus on the positive in the evenings with my children, because that’s when I get to see them. Some nights it’s more challenging than others. I do try not to “borrow trouble”, as Cari says above. He’s a typical boy. And he’ll be fine. He’s got good parents!

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