First Day, and Jitters

Here’s the obligatory First Day of School shot, 2014 version.

The girls' first day of school, 2014

Flora was excited; Kate was apprehensive.


I have been out-of-sorts for some time now. I think part of it is that school is starting, with its attendant stresses on time and money. No more nanny to help keep the children on top of chores or run to the store for me. I need to menu plan, create a chart for being on time, and get the children into the school routine. We’ve been practicing, and Flora especially has been fantastic. But I’m wondering how long it can last.

The other part of being out-of-sorts is the steady stream of Bad News in my social media timelines. The news in general is Not Good. Ebola ravaging Africa — and religious leaders there declaring it’s God’s punishment. The shitstorm that is Ferguson, Missouri, and the resultant (justifiable) anger from that. James Foley’s death. Robin Williams’ suicide. Israel and Gaza. (Am I missing anything?) And, of course, the rampant sexism, racism, and homophobia, plus science denial for extra giggles, that continue to flourish in American in the 21st century.

And of course, everyone’s got an opinion on everything.

Mama needs a break. I’m taking a short social media hiatus to regroup. My plan is to return to Twitter and Facebook in a week or so.

The world will probably still suck. But maybe I’ll be able to deal with it a little better after some time off.

How is end-of-summer treating you, readers?