Random Thoughts: The Oh You, Monday, You Edition

1. Despite being home alone from about 2 p.m to 8 p.m. on Saturday, I did not finish getting through the pile of paper. I made progress, but not enough. I’m going to try to finish up this week. So much of it needs to be recycled, shredded, or trashed. Why can I not get a handle on this?

Anyone have a way of dealing with the daily mail and school paperwork that prevents piles? Do please share.

2. Here’s my tough guy at the beginning of the Tough Mudder:

You talkin' to me?

He made it. He started at 11:17 a.m. and crossed the finish line at 3:58 p.m.

Finish line

The Tough Mudder is aptly named

The Tough Mudder is aptly named. He rinsed off and donated those shoes.

I am so proud of my man!

3. Current television shows I am embroiled in: Orange is the New Black, Season 2; and Breaking Bad, Season 2. I watch television about seriously screwed up people. While I was home alone sorting paper, I managed to get three more episodes into OITNB, and two more episodes into Breaking Bad. Dan and I watch the latter together, and he just finished Season 2 without me. Stinker.

4. Our dear nanny Kim is accepting a full-time teaching job. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While I am very glad that she’s finally gotten a full-time gig, we will be sad to see her go. She’s quite sad, herself. I will have more to say about Kim and how amazing she’s been as a nanny.

5. The girls start school on Thursday, and M will be starting preschool the week after Labor Day. It has been a terrific summer all the way around. Onward and upward, I suppose!

What was your favorite thing about this summer?

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Oh You, Monday, You Edition

  1. I try to be aggressive about it when it comes in the house. This is admittedly easier since I just have one kid who only brings home a limited amount of crap. But still: mail is sorted right away most days. 95% is thrown out (why WHY WHY WHY with all the junk mail STAHHP sending me crap!). The 5% that’s left over is dealt with accordingly. If there’s stuff that needs to be saved until later, it goes into a basket that gets sorted through periodically. The papers that come home with the kid are mostly tossed. The art projects are piled and foisted off onto unsuspecting grandparents. I hope to continue this habit of daily going through mail and paper that comes home from school and tossing the bulk of it, and sorting/foisting the rest, as the sheer volume increases.

    The only weapon in the fight against entropy is constant vigilance.

    Oh, semi-relatedly: my hatred of junk mail runs in the family. You know when various entities like credit card companies send you junk mail, and they include a pre-paid envelope in which to send your response? My dad likes to neatly fold up the contents of the mailer, including the original envelope, into the prepaid envelope, and then send it back. It is pre-paid after all! His reasoning is that if they’re going to fill his mailbox with junk, they should pay the maximum price for it. That includes paying for the postage twice (once to send it to him, and once when he sends it all back), and paying for someone somewhere to open the envelope and then throw it all away. I would do this, but it’s far easier to just toss it myself than it is to take the time to re-package it in the envelope and mail it.

    • I do really need to develop a better, more aggressive habit when it comes to mail. I tend to throw it on the kitchen table, then move it when we need to eat dinner, and then a week goes by, and I haven’t gone through the mail at all. It’s just dumb on my part.

  2. Those black bookshelves near my front door are mostly for this purpose. A bin for me, one for P, another for magazines, and all of this near a trash can. It takes 20 seconds to sort through it.

    I added a kids school paperwork bin this week *sob*!

    And I hear ya on the nanny thing. Mine has 3 more days left, after 5 yrs, and she is now like family and one of my best girlfriends all in one. We are really going to miss her!

    • **hugs** to you, my friend! So many changes for your family. Good luck.

      I may try some kind of bin system. One for bills, one for Dan’s mail, one for kids’ stuff, and a bag for recyclable junk mail… This sounds like an awesome plan, actually! Plus my whiteboards and bulletin boards in the kitchen, and I may get on top of this!

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