Random Thoughts: The TGIF Edition

Oooph. Tough week.

1. I have All The Thoughts about Robin Williams’ death and how it’s been treated in the media, social and otherwise. However, suffice it to say this:

I, personally, have not had major clinical depression. But it has been in my life. I have seen the struggle up close. I have been the friend and family member praying to see the person on the other side of their depressed episode. I have been the one hoping that not all hope would be lost.

When you love a person with depression, you want your love — the fact of your love — to be enough. How can it not be? How can the person the you love, totally and unreservedly, not feel worthy? Don’t you love them? Doesn’t that matter?

This was the hardest article for me to read this week.

Dear Person I Love: I understand. I do. Thank you for staying.

2. My prayers and thoughts have been with the people in Ferguson, MO this week, too. I cannot imagine what it is like to be black in America and watch that shit. I hope this country gets its head screwed on right. Soon.

3. I have a weird weekend coming up.

Dan is leaving tomorrow morning to go do a Tough Mudder. Which, just… Listen, I am very, very proud of my husband. He’s worked with this guy (and hey, I wrote that!) for more than a year. He’s stronger than he’s been since I have known him. He’s lost 30 pounds, gained lots of muscle and stamina, and he’s been working on his eating habits. And his physical health has improved immensely. Two years ago, his cholesterol was sky high, his triglycerides were in the danger zone, and he was pre-diabetic. Through diet and exercise alone, he’s brought all of those numbers down.

Dan’s a rock star. He is.

So, he decided to sign up for the Tough Mudder, and I’m trying not to worry about it. He’ll be fine. He’s got a running/obstacle partner — it’s going to be fine.

And I’ll be waiting at home for the phone call that tells me he’s finished the race.

In the meantime, my brother and sister-in-law are taking the children for a sleepover. Which, does anyone else have a family member who calls out of the blue to say, “Can your three children come sleep over before school starts?” So they will have their four boys, plus my three, and my SIL is just a saint. I’m making food for Sunday when we go pick the kids up.

I will have an empty house. An empty, quiet house. At least until Dan comes home Saturday night.

My exciting plan is to go through the towering piles of paper in my house and shred everything. And binge watch Orange is the New Black, Season 2. On the big TV! (I usually watch on my Kindle Fire, alone in my room. Because holy adult content, Batman.)

I know how to live it up, people.

What would you do if you had an empty house for a day?