How Tolerant Do I Have to Be?

Because I’m reaching my threshold. July may be one big break from the Internet. I’m still deciding.

I have a difficult time with ignorance, I do. I am starting to feel that people who wholeheartedly embrace conspiracy theories or anti-science beliefs are maybe possibly mentally ill. Facts do not dissuade them. Mention an actual study, and I’m told that there is such a thing as confirmation bias. Ask who is covering up facts, and I am presented with a list of libraries that were burned or otherwise destroyed.

Yes, thank you, I know what confirmation bias is. I know that regime changes and religious wars led to the destruction of human knowledge. I got that.

How it pertains to a hokum story about dinosaurs and humans living at the same time, I’m not really sure. Still working on that.

The other thing I’m having a hard time with is bigots. They say (and I’m paraphrasing here) that being bigoted against bigots makes me a bigot! Bigots should be allowed to say any dumb bigoted thing that pops into their head, and I shouldn’t point out to them that I don’t like that way of talking (especially around my children), because that makes me the bad guy. In general, bigots seem to be very confused about the First Amendment.

So, my tolerance is running thin when it comes to people who love conspiracy theories, anti-science people, and bigots.

Oh, and Fox News. I simply cannot stand the spin on Fox News.

Should I bite my tongue? Should I quit Facebook? Should I stop reading the comments? (I know: never read the comments.)

Oh, and in case you’re curious, this is the SHORT rant.


ETA: Oh, yeah, here is one aspect of the whole conspiracy theory MO that makes me nuttier than any other: the whole “sheeple” thing. The people who love nothing better than a good Big Government/Big Pharma comeback truly think they are such special snowflakes that they have special knowledge, that they know the Truth! And the rest of us are too dumb and too duped to see clearly.

Yeah, that’s my FAVORITE.

14 thoughts on “How Tolerant Do I Have to Be?

  1. “When are we as a country going to stop pretending that there’s a level of empirical proof that will satisfy the conspiracy seekers out there?” – Jon Stewart

  2. Amen sister! I am right with you. I will not allow fox news on the waiting room TV, it makes the clients too cranky. Inmates don’t need any help with their cranky quotient.

    For a shot of hopefulness that the Neanderthals weren’t the wrong species to die off, try upwords. They have positive uplifting stories. Most do not feature cats.

    • Honestly, I think half the reason my FIL is such a crank is because Fox News is ALL he watches. Of course he thinks the world is ending and the country is going to hell! He really should just tune into some old movies or something.

  3. I’m with you. I generally walk away and not comment at all because it ends up in an endless stream of unsupported arguments and I have no patience.

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