Chore Crafty

One of the things we are trying to instill in our children is the idea that our family is a team. We all have to work together toward common and beneficial goals.

Like having a clean house.

So this summer I decided chores were in order. I had stumbled onto this site earlier in the year, and put that in my brain to return to. I did things a little differently, but same basic idea.


Instead of dried beans or coffee beans (what a waste of coffee beans!), I decided I wanted to color rice. This way each child could have her and his own color.


That’s about a cup of rice to 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol.


Mix in food coloring.


Spread out to dry on wax paper. It needs about an hour.


Write out chores on popsicle sticks.


And, voila!

They pick 2 chores a day; M picks one. If I have a home project for them (like, organize arts & crafts drawers), then they only pick one. There are sticks that say, “Trade with Sib” and “Free Day.”

We are in our first week. It’s going okay. M usually needs help. Some chores are more popular than others. And one of my girls complains about having to do chores, and the other is super helpful. You may be surprised by which is which.

How do you encourage children to help out?

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