Unexpected Return

The original plan was to spend the day at a soccer tournament. It was to be the last soccer event of the year. Everyone was bringing water, drinks, and snacks for the kids.

Then Flora got strep. I pulled her from the tournament.

Plan B was to shop and run errands in the morning. I already had a babysitter coming for the other two. Dan and I were having people over for dinner. I had a really nice meal planned: grilled meat, roasted Brussels sprouts and carrots, a lentil/rice slow cooker dish. For dessert, cheese and fruit.

(Yes, Saturday was soccer all morning and a dinner party. We are insane.)

Instead, here we are at Children’s Hospital again. M has been spitting out blood the past couple of days. Never a lot, and not for very long. But they wanted to see him, and observe him for 24 hours. We arrived around 9:30 a.m. They had to stick him three times to get an IV started (that SUCKED as you can imagine).

I have had a granola bar and a single cup of coffee. It is nearly 3 p.m. Dan is on his way. I am hangry! He can’t get here soon enough.

It’s a rotten way to spend a beautiful Saturday, that’s for sure!

When’s the last time you ended up on an unexpected Plan C?