While You Were Recovering

This is what Flora got up to while her siblings were having surgery and recovering:

1. She took a fundraising order to my office to deliver it to the people who had ordered from us.
2. She had a chorale concert. They did not sing “Let It Go”! They sang songs from The Sound of Music. She had a solo part!
3. She had soccer practice.
4. Her violin class was on The Saturday Morning Light Brigade, which broadcasts from the Children’s Museum. You can hear them here.
5. After the radio show, she had TWO soccer games. They lost one and won one.
6. She went to Kennywood with her BFF and family. She didn’t ride the Pittsburgh Plunge, but she did stand in the splash zone while watching the ride. She got soaked. She was gone ALL DAY LONG on Sunday.
7. She received a nature science set and a bird log (Christmas in May!) from her godmother, and proceeded to wander the yard looking for stuff to put in vials and examine. She filled in about five pages on her bird log.
8. She got strep throat.

For numbers 1 through 5, I have to thank my parents for chauffeuring her around and for recording the events for her dad and me to view later. For number 6, thanks to BFF family. What a treat it was! For 7, thanks to our good friend/Flora’s godmother/@Whatnot6 for bringing the children their Christmas gifts (from last year; we still had her daughter’s too) and helping me make the front of my house look pretty. For 8… I probably can thank that generous soaking she got at Kennywood.

What Flora has done since Tuesday: watched a lot of television, started antibiotics, and spent time at her daddy’s office. We attempted school today, but I think the antibiotics are making her nauseous. I think I’ll call her ped to sort that out. She’s with Bella and Tadone as I type this.

What Flora will not be doing this weekend: soccer practice or the soccer tournament she was scheduled to participate in.

Oy. What will your children not be getting up to this weekend?