About That Photo

In case you missed it in the incessant sharing over my social media streams yesterday (Happy Mother’s Day, BTW), I landed smack dab on the front cover of the Post-Gazette. Kim Lyons, whom I know via Twitter and in real life, was looking for some working moms for a story, and I pinged her to let her know I was willing to chat on the record.

I am not shy. I have some opinions.

I cannot speak for the other mothers in the story, but I can attest that Kim very much captured our conversation, and the frustration I feel with the Sheryl Sandbergs of the world. As one of my friends informed me on Facebook, “I burned my copy of ‘Lean In’. Tosh.”


Talking to Kim was easy, a giggling M jumping on me during our phone conversation notwithstanding. The photographer coming to my house was another thing altogether. I admit to being a little stressed about that. Fortunately, my work day was a little different the day the photographer could come over, so I was able to make one room presentable. I even changed into that outfit before I picked the kids up.

When the photographer showed up, he said he wanted some candid shots of what we do in the evenings.

“Well,” I said, “I would be in the kitchen cleaning up right now. But you’re not allowed to take pictures in there.” The kitchen was an unholy mess. “And since I already cleaned this room, I’m not sure what we’re going to do.” As you can see, Kate neatly solved that problem by being Kate. “Also,” I told him, “if this were truly candid, I would have yoga pants on at this time in the evening.”

I so glad we got that couch. I’m so glad that Dan recently repainted the white wall. I am extra happy I had time to pick up the room and vacuum.

But the thing I am most happy about is the bookcase in the background. I had just gotten it reorganized a day or two before, primarily with a number of hardbacks I own.

It looks nice, doesn’t it?

Just ignore the painting supplies in front of the toy bins, please.

What would you wear if you knew your picture was going to be taken for the newspaper?