A Good Start

One of the goals on my uber-list for 2014 is to redo the front closet and paint the hallway going up the stairs.

This weekend, we started. I wish I had taken a picture of the closet before we emptied it. Here it is with the coats that will stay for now:


We put the winter coats upstairs (in M’s closet for now). And all of this stuff?


Was on top of the shelf in a big jumbled pile. I haven’t been through it in at least two years probably. I am going to go through it, and get rid of singleton gloves, hats that don’t fit, and anything that wasn’t worn last winter. And I’m going to return @mattieflap’s Gryffindor scarf.

So: New coat of paint, baskets for sorting, a shoe shelf.



I want to put contact paper on the shelf, and since we can fit one more basket in there we are going to.

Next: covering up this horror show of a hallway and hanging some pictures! This is going to happen!


This is the post that inspired the redo at my place. What small house project would feel like a big change to you?

2 thoughts on “A Good Start

    • I love it better when it’s all put together. The whole front room is cattywampus because we also repainted the white wall, and we are hanging up some art there, too. 🙂 It’s the little things right now!

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