Seven Things

1. I have no photographic proof of what a lovely Easter Sunday we had. The children colored eggs and got fun Easter baskets. The girls and I dressed up and went to Mass. The weather was perfect. We had dinner at my in-laws. All in all, a lovely, low-key holiday.

You’re just going to have to take my word for it.

2. Sunday night, Dan and I cleaned our house. Well, together we cleaned up the front room. Then I crashed and he cleaned up the kitchen. Monday morning, I got up early to clean the kitchen, not knowing Dan had done it the night before. That was a nice surprise! I put away all the clean dishes and took out the garbage. It was a good start to the week.

3. Also a good part of Monday: Kate had a follow-up appointment to see if she’d cleared her latest ear infection. Fortunately she had, and now I just need her and Michael to keep everything clear so we don’t have to move the surgery date.

4. I only work four days this week because we are heading to the woods on Friday. We are going to try to hit the road by 2 p.m. So far, I have packed most of M’s clothes, pajamas for the girls, my Saturday outfit and pajamas for me, plus socks and underwear for everyone. Last night, I browned the beef for the beef vegetable soup I am making; I’m going to put that in the slow cooker tonight. I’ll have to make the lentil soup either Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

5. I woke up Tuesday morning hot and uncomfortable. Like, at 1 a.m. Despite opening windows, I still couldn’t fall back to sleep. I am really hoping that wasn’t a hot flash. It was… pretty yucky.

6. New things, primarily authors: Ania Ahlborn, The Bird Eater. Extremely creepy. Amy Stewart, The Drunken Botanist (I may have mentioned this book before). Very educational, and fun for cocktail making. Jessie Humphries, Killing Ruby Rose. Highly entertaining page turner.

7. Old things that are kind of new to me: I recently took up the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris again, and find myself waiting for Book 12 to be available to my Kindle. The series ends with Book 13, and I’m curious to see how it all wraps up.

After 16 years, the Afghan Whigs have released a new album, and I’ve become hooked. I didn’t listen to them in the late ’90s, although I did check out some of their older stuff because Do to the Beast roped me right in. 1965 is pretty good. I especially like “Sweet Son of a Bitch” into “66”. It’s compelling. Do to the Beast is a different animal from their ’90s music; clearly reminiscent, but with the sharp edges smoothed down.

And after 23 years, The Pixies have released another album — without Kim Deal. So… call them the Not Pixies, I guess. (The argument was made to me on Twitter.) I think this review sums up my own thoughts on the issue. (I will refer to them as the Pixies.) Regardless of what you want to call them, you should go listen. It’s a solid album.

What do you think? If a band’s lineup changes, should they pick a new name? Why or why not?