Random Thoughts: The One Thing at a Time Edition

I have scheduled my children’s (perfectly routine) surgeries. The date is about five weeks away.

In order for me not to obsess over the fact that my babies are having (perfectly routine) surgery, I am working hard, very hard, to focus on other things. I will fall down a rabbit hole of anxiety if I don’t.

1. This weekend is Easter. I have promised to help my MIL clean her house. She cannot vacuum — she is physically unable to. Back problems. So, at the least, I can do that for her. I’m sure she will have more.

Back at home, we will dye eggs and put together baskets. We will go to Mass, and then next door to have dinner with Dan’s family. It will be low-key.

2. I have a Major Work Project that will take up a lot of my time and brain power from now until the date of surgery. So that’s good. I have already arranged to take FMLA time to be home with Kate, and I’m glad this project will be done when I am out. I really need to be 100% present to my babies.

3. Our annual weekend in the woods is the week after Easter. It is one of my favorite things ever with some of my favorite people ever. Instead of (perfectly routine) surgery, I will obsess over shopping, cooking, and packing the car for the trip. Anyone have a good beef vegetable soup recipe to share?

4. Hm. It looks like I’m going to need something (aside from Major Work Project) to work on after our weekend in the woods. Thinking it’ll be time to tackle some house projects. Maybe M’s bedroom re-do and some other interior decorating. It’ll finally be time to swap out clothes for the season. If I can kick the kids outside on the weekends (memo to Mother Nature: could use some dry, sunny weather for May) I can start these projects. Also will need to pick paint colors. So that could be fun.

What do you do when you need to NOT think about something?