Random Thoughts: The Getting Through This Week Edition

1. I started feeling better on Wednesday — antibiotics FTW! — but I wanted to get back to work, so I did go in on Tuesday. It was a rough day.

2. Aside from Monday, which came with its own challenges, I’m not really giving myself a break this week, and I’m hoping it doesn’t kick my ass too hard.

Monday was: Doctor appointment for Kate (she still has an ear infection; we went to the next level antibiotic; surgery is coming up mid-May); run Kate to school; doctor appointment for M, who had been running a fever since Saturday (just a virus); drop M off at my in-laws; MedExpress appointment for me. Getting my prescriptions filled took forever.

My MIL cooked me lunch (tomato soup and grilled cheese — ultimate comfort food FTW!), and then M watched Frozen while I took a nap. Getting woken up by an impatient 3-year-old when the movie was over wasn’t the greatest. Then my FIL picked up all the kids who needed to be picked up, and my MIL and I cooked dinner for them (all five). And then I took M next door and retired to the couch for the evening. The girls were champs. They showered themselves (Flora sat in the bathroom while Kate showered), and then they made me a cup of tea, which was hilarious because it was like the 10-step cup of tea.

Flora: I’m going to make you a cup of tea!
Me: You don’t have to.
Flora: Yes, I’m going to.
Me: Okay.

The faucet in the kitchen sink had fallen off, and I hadn’t fixed it, figuring Dan could do that when he got home. So Flora had to take the lid off the tea kettle and fill it from the water pitcher in the refrigerator.

Then she asked me what kind of tea I wanted.
“I don’t care,” I said, “just as long as it’s decaffeinated.”
Rummaging sounds from kitchen.
Flora: “Does ‘decaf’ mean the same as ‘decaffeinated’?
Me: “Yes.”

Water boils, tea bag steeps. Kate brought me the cup of tea with a bowl for my teabag. I asked for creamer, then for an ice cube. I got the ice cube first. Then strawberries (two, in another bowl); then creamer.

It was cute.

3. Tuesday: work, pick up niece and nephew, taco night at Bella’s (yay, taco night!), Kate and M needed baths — the weather is getting nicer, and daily baths are going to be the norm soon. It already makes me feel more tired.

I went to be pretty early Tuesday night, was definitely in bed by 10 p.m.

4. Because of my sickness and exhaustion, I didn’t pack lunches for the girls at all, let alone the night before. I scrambled to pack M’s lunch Tuesday a.m., and I completely punted Wednesday, and told Dan to pack it. Later that day, he said, “Yeah, M got four bags of chips for lunch” and I almost believed him.

5. Wednesday: because I went to bed early, I felt like a superhero most of the day Wednesday. The feeling didn’t last past 9 p.m., and yet I didn’t go to bed until after 10 p.m. And then I didn’t sleep well.

This is where I admit that I am guilty of the “busyness” in my life. I usually try to keep weeknights clear. Beyond my Monday-Tuesday pickups, and Flora’s Monday-Friday soccer practice, I usually don’t do much doing the week. However, sometimes I gotta do what I gotta do. Wednesday, my parents were staying over because they had to be at the airport very early on Thursday. They picked up the kids from school and daycare on Wednesday, and then we all went to dinner, and then I assisted Kate with her diorama project (even though it wasn’t due until Friday), and then I actually did pack lunches (which Kate proceeded to forget Thursday, probably because she was focused on getting her diorama to school). And THEN, after 10 p.m., we got an email from our cousin, who is a teacher at Franklin Regional, and she described the events of the morning. She was right in the thick of the violence, and I read her email aloud to Dan and my parents. It was… horrifying. And then, very funny at the end. Because that’ how she is.

Please keep those kids and faculty in your prayers.

6. Like I said, I didn’t sleep well for some reason, so I’m seriously dragging today. I suspect I kept waiting for the 5 a.m. alarm. Dan was a champ, and drove my parents to the airport, though.

Tonight I have a potential babysitter coming to the house tonight because:

7. Saturday! I am being interviewed by a fellow Pittsburgh blogger over lunch, and then going to the hockey game, and neither of my other sitters are available.

8. Sunday better be quiet. Oh, please.

And yes, I skipped Friday, because Friday is going to be: work, soccer, dinner, baths, bed. In no short order. Or else.

How’s your health these days?