Random Thoughts: The Don’t Do This Edition

I sound like I’m complaining about the time change on social media, but I’m not. Even with the full complement of hours this weekend, my family still would have it Monday like it was a brick wall. We packed too many things into this weekend, and we are feeling the effects.

Friday: ENT appointments; fetching prescriptions — more prescriptions. Between appointments and prescriptions last week, I spent about $155 on healthcare for my children (Kate and Michael). That’s stretching the budget a bit. After the appointments and lunch, I brought Kate to the office with me, where she was a rock star. She was quiet; she drew; did a little of her missed work; watched Netflix television shows on my Kindle.

I just want her to be well again. She’s had a bunch of viral crap running through her system, plus maybe allergies, plus probably an infection. She’s been a hot mess for a month, and I am just feeling bad for her.

Then Friday night, Dan and I drove to a wedding reception in Turtle Creek. Between Pittsburgh traffic and our schedules, we were only two hours late.

Saturday: Up early — no sleeping in for me! I meant to get in a workout, but instead just managed a cup of coffee, getting laundry next door, and a waxing appointment in Sewickley. I had hoped that we would be able to get on the road to Erie by 11 a.m., but the stars were not aligned. Neither Dan nor I was packed, the house looked like a hurricane hit it, the kids needed baths (how does a 3-year-old boy already have body odor? HOW?). We finally left at 2 p.m. So when we got to Erie, it was a quick change at my parents’ house, and out the door to the reception.

Where we had a blast. I’m glad I didn’t workout because I ended up dancing, mostly with Kate. It was a lot of fun.

And then we came home, got the children to bed, and stayed up drinking and talking. Which was kind of dumb, because we did lose an hour, and Sunday was … Sunday was a little tough. Plus I forgot to eat a real breakfast, and two cookies and two cups of coffee are almost not enough to sustain me through Mass.

We didn’t get to Sunday brunch until 1:30 (God bless my aunt and uncle), and there was more running around on the children’s part (Kate with the dog, and Michael with two little boys, sons of one of my cousins). By the time we left, I was ready for a nap. Thank goodness Dan drove.

Not that I took a nap. I can’t sleep in a car.

Anyhoo, Dr. Sis had traveled to Pittsburgh and Erie for these receptions, too. So she followed us to Pittsburgh Sunday, then I had her drive me to the grocery store to pick up food and beer because we were hosting dinner for Dr. Sis, and one of my cousins and her teenage daughter. Thank goodness for the prepared foods section of my Market District.

So: dinner, cleaning up, managing children, and watching Frozen until 11:30 p.m. That was my Sunday night.

Monday morning was a rough one. The kids didn’t want to move. The girls were 15 minutes late for school (a new record). After I dropped them off, I had to drive back home because Dan had left his keys and wallet in the Flex. Thank goodness he made me coffee. He’s a good man.

The weekend was fantastic. It was filled with fun, joy, love, family. It was also exhausting. Sometimes those things go hand-in-hand.

Just like sleep eating.