The RPM 2014 Uber-List

I am the last person who should be bitching about this. However, I ran into a real problem when shopping yesterday.

My go-to brand of dress pants don’t fit right anymore.

I guess regularly working out changed my body just enough. I usually buy Worthington from JC Penneys. For years they were the only brand that fit everywhere: waist, hips, legs, butt. Plus, they were long enough for this tall girl.

Yesterday after shopping at Macy’s with my sister-in-law, we decided to head to Penneys. Macy’s carries a ton of petites, and pants that come in regular and short. I wanted pants for work, and Macy’s (especially the clearance racks) didn’t have my style.

At Penneys, I walked right to the pants, and picked a few size 8s off the rack. And discovered they absolutely don’t fit anymore. The waist slipped down to my hips. And the low-waisted pants threatened to slip further. Size 8s were too big.

So, with consternation, I went back and grabbed a couple pairs of 6s. But they don’t fit right either. The waist fits fine, and the length is okay. But they ride up my butt and crotch. Noticeably and uncomfortably.

So now I have to I have to find a new, not-too-expensive brand of pant that fits my body. Or stop working out.

Which brings me to my uber-list.

The only thing I accomplished for sure on my uber-list from last year was my exercise routine. I regularly workout three times a week, usually with Jillian Michaels. Once in a while i add a Pilates routine. My list for 2013 was too long. For me, anyway.

I decided to set only a handful of goals for 2014. And they are all self centered. Of course I want to grow as a wife and mother. I can always get better as both. Of course I want to be a good person and friend and family member. This year’s uber-list, though, requires some focus on me and what I need to do for myself. In order to be the rest of that stuff.

1. Ask for a raise. This is kind of a cheat. I already have a meeting scheduled, and my reasons worked out. Now I have to sit in my bosses office and say, “It’s time for me to get a raise.”

I’m pretty terrified.

2. Update and promote my blog.

3. Redo the front closet and paint the hallway going up the stairs.

4. Write and publish something not blog or work related.

5. Find a new brand of pants that fits. And buy all the colors.

That’s it. Those are my goals. I need to stretch creatively and career-wise. That’s why 2014 is about confidence.

Do you have goals for your new year? How about a pant brand you like?

3 thoughts on “The RPM 2014 Uber-List

  1. I have been wearing NY & Co pants. I have shorter legs and had to get the regulars hemmed so they would probably be long enough! They often have good sales, coupons and come in many colors with stripes or pindot prints! I think the 7th Avenue are my favorite.

    I want to be kinder this year. When someone upsets or hurts me, I want to try to understand where they are coming from. I want to send surprise notes to friends. Little CDPish gifts. I’d like to become DONA Certified Birth Doula in 2014 and also become a childbirth educator. I’m hoping all these would let me quit my office job! I would also like to find a workout I love and stick with it.

    • Someone else had suggested NY & Co to me I think. She’s tall like I am. I’ll check them out. Thanks!

      Those all sound like good, solid goals. I’m not sure what CDPish is? As for workout: Jillian Michaels’ workouts are my favorite so far. I have one DVD, and find other workouts on YouTube. I’ll probably try to get another DVD (Ripped in 30 or one of her Yoga workouts). She’s good — and usually quick!

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