2014 Word of the Year: Confidence

I usually wait until my birthday to write about my word of the year, along with presenting my uber list, but I’m jumping the gun this year, on the word, anyway.

I’m finding myself more and more willing — even wanting, needing — to go outside of my comfort zone. Which is good. It’s what I desperately need to do in order to do what I really want to do with my life.

But it’s scary as shit.

The talented @missbritt, who blogs here, put a question out on Twitter recently. I’m paraphrasing, but it was to the effect of, “What would you like to feel more of in your life?” My answer: Confidence.

Her follow-up question was, “What would you do if you had more confidence?” (She said confidence was a big one for a lot of people.)

I know the answer to that question, too.

I think the confidence I need may be a little bit of the “fake it until you make it” variety. I don’t think I would be described as unconfident, and I certainly am not lacking in self-esteem, as anyone who has met me could attest.

But that’s when I’m operating well within the sphere of my comfort zone.


It’s time to have the confidence to get outside of my comfort zone. It’s time to stop being content. And it’s time to look at the fear I have about going outside the zone, face it, and assure myself that I am bigger than it is. A lot bigger.

Have you done something that terrified you? How’d it go?

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