Random Thoughts: The Short-Form of the Stuff I Could Blog More about If I Had More Time, Which I Don’t

1. Kate was off the charts last night. I was doing a favor — really, just doing what family does — for my SIL and her husband, so I had all five children at the house, and Kate just… She couldn’t contain herself. She was up, she was down, she was in my face, she was stomping away, she was all over the other children. It was hard to deal with. I yelled, a lot.

I wonder if I should talk to her pediatrician about hyperactivity. Or maybe go to some parenting classes with her or something. So far, I’m 0-for-2 on parenting books for “challenging” or “defiant” children.

2. I started Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, which Flora bought me for Christmas. Flora wants me to read BFG by Roald Dahl, which was in the set of books that Dan and I bought her for Christmas. I also just downloaded Allegiant by Veronica Roth onto my Kindle Fire (from the library). Too many books to read! A good problem to have.

3. I also just started watching Orange is the New Black. I’m up to Episode 4 in Season 1. It is certainly compelling. The characters are strikingly sympathetic. And it’s also surprisingly funny. As well as graphic, sexual, and full of swear words. It’s kind of nice to have a grown-up show in my Netflix.

4. Working on my uber-list for the upcoming year. Just because I failed spectacularly last year doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to accomplish something this year.

Should Dan and I start watching Breaking Bad, Walking Dead (I don’t wanna!), or try to resume Mad Men?