Bad Habits

So far into 2014, I have picked up a daily chocolate habit, which is odd. And I also seem to be forgetting to drink water as frequently as I used to.

As per usual, the holidays completely upended our routine. The frigid weather did not help. Today was the first day my girls had their usual 8 a.m. start.

We were late.

So, I’m trying to take some deep breaths and get back to… well, to the new normal.

I am going to try a couple of different things over the next month to help with “the routine”.

First, I’m going to encourage my girls to pack their own lunches. We can do this right around dinner time as they are usually bouncing around the kitchen anyway.

Second, I am going to work on having the girls get everything ready for the morning the night before. Almost every morning, Kate UNPACKS her backpack to make sure she has everything. It DRIVES ME NUTS. So instead of that happening as we are ready to leave the house, I am going to have her do it before bed.

I need to ask for advice here: is there anything I can do to get my children to get up earlier? Flora was in bed until nearly 7:30 this morning. She ignores her 6:30 alarm; she ignores me shaking her and taking off her blankets. Kate is good about getting up and getting dressed, but she dawdles once she’s in her uniform with her hair brushed.

The other thing my girls have to start doing — that I have to encourage them to do — is to fix their own breakfasts. They drag themselves into the kitchen, plop down at the kitchen table, and then wait for me to wait on them. I would like to find a way to inspire them to actually pour their own cereal and milk and get their own spoons.

As far as my water and chocolate intake: Maybe it’s because the morning routine has been so weird. I haven’t been getting a glass of water at my desk until nearly noon. Gotta get back to my six to eight glasses a day. And for the chocolate: well, I’ve put that down to the fact that it’s been so cold, I’m craving sugar and fat. I haven’t been gobbling a candy bar or two a day, but I have been eating a piece or two a day. Again, it’s unusual for me. At the same time, chocolate is my mood booster. So I’m not going to fuss over it too much.

The other thing: I need to get back to my office walking, two little 10 minute jaunts a day. I think I’ve been ignoring my walk because I’m managed to keep up my workouts. And I haven’t been walking because walking inside is boring, and walking outside is deadly. So.

Picked up any bad habit you need to shake to start making good habits in the new year?

5 thoughts on “Bad Habits

  1. Hm. I can look into that. I should probably keep a portable water bottle with me. I have a pint glass at my desk at work, but when I’m running around with the kids or even just commuting, a water bottle would be good to have. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I can really relate to your problems with the morning routine! I was writing about that the other day. My daughter is 11 now, and she gets up super early to get ready, but it took the advent of puberty to make that happen! Mornings used to be very stressful. I used to coax her out of bed, ‘hug’ her up, or tickle her feet, and when it was cold, stand there with a dressing gown for her to get into. As for getting their own cereal – maybe just leave the stuff on the table and then go out of the room saying you are busy and they can do it themselves, and see what happens..

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