Random Thoughts: The We’ve Almost Made It Edition

Here are the things that did manage to happen over the weekend, through a lot of effort on the part of myself and my husband:

1. Salted caramel, shortbread cookies, oatmeal cookies all made. The batch of granola I attempted got burned, so I gotta try that again. Frozen tomatoes thawed and peeled for sauce. Made blueberry syrup.

2. Cookie mix jars made for our family grab bag. I goofed and got two 1-quart jars instead of 1 2-quart jar, but I think it’ll be fine. Typed up recipe today. The grab bag will be cookie mix, Sarris candy, and a small jar of salted caramel.

3. I am afraid I scorched the caramel, too. But I bet it’s still going to taste excellent over vanilla ice cream.

4. House, cleaned.

5. Gifts wrapped.

6. Tree purchased, put up, and strung with lights (three cheers for Dan!).

Things that need to happen in the next two days (really, tonight and… well, tonight).

1. Make marinara sauce.

2. Make another batch of granola. (Theoretically, I can do this Christmas Day.)

3. Finish wrapping presents.

4. Decorate tree.

5. Buy beer.

So, despite my bitching and stress, we’re pretty much where we need to be. The children have mostly been awesome (exception: M refusing to put on jeans Sunday — or any day, really. He’s decided he HATES jeans), very helpful, and not too whiny. We even got in a holiday party (Friday night), a social visit (Sunday afternoon), and wine drinking + nail polishing (me, Sunday night, with @mattieflap).

What’s left for you?