This. Week. Continued.

Dan and I went down into the Dreaded Basement.

It wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be. A family of mice had clearly used one of the bins for a nest, and we had to toss stockings, the tree skirt, and a couple of other things. But most of our tree decorations seem fine, and the ceramics that were pooped on can be washed.

Also, we have six or seven nice bottles of wine down there, including two bottles of sparking wine. That was a pleasant surprise.

So we brought up a few things to clean. I hung the wreath on the front door. We have outdoor lights — Dan says he may still put them up. Hey, it’s supposed to be ridiculously warm this weekend, so it could happen.

So, here’s where we are: Dreaded Basement, not so Dreaded. Will need to replace stockings and tree skirt. Tree will have plenty to go on it if we get one.

Tonight is the Violin and Band concert. The girls are very excited. This is Kate’s first concert. Now, if we could only find Flora’s violin.

We got invited to a holiday party on Friday, and as much as I really want to say, “Nope, sorry! Can’t find a sitter!” — it’s my family. And I love my extended family, and don’t get to see them much. Plus, I can get a sitter. I just don’t necessarily wanna. Am feeling very torn about it.

BECAUSE, if we do go, that means Thursday becomes “shop for Daddy” evening. Plus the night I pick up stockings and a tree skirt. Oh, and classroom treats. Gah! Home schooling is sounding better and better.

And I have to order groceries for Saturday so I can actually bake that day. And have food for the following week. And gifts still need to be wrapped. I’ve been staying up to about 11 p.m. this week to fit all this stuff in, and as a result my 6 a.m. workouts are taking a hit. Fortunately, it’s snowed enough that I’ve had to shovel. If you do that right, you can get in a good quad workout plus cardio.

So, which wine should I open first, the Barbaresco, or the Cade?

2 thoughts on “This. Week. Continued.

  1. Note to RPM. Little bits at a time. Get wine. Get few decorations. Sip wine. Put few things up. Chip away at decorating in the same way you chip away at baking, shopping, etc. Kids will enjoy finding little bits of new magic each day. You’ll have more fun doing it. Dan can put tree up last and you can enjoy that it’s all done. Else, throw away decorations. Buy more wine. Be done. Love you!

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