This. Week.

If you follow me on Twitter 1. I apologize for the yelling; 2. Thank you for your sympathy and/or not yelling at me for the yelling; and 3. You know this weekend was a tough one.

This happens every year, and I really have to learn to LET IT GO.

“This” being: I want the house to look nice and be decorated for Christmas. The girls purport to want to decorate, yet provide very little cleaning even with repeated requests; and Dan says he likes waiting until the last minute. So in short, I get very little support for, “Come on, let’s decorate today!”

The thing is, I can barely keep up with daily cleaning (and mail opening, apparently. That became painfully apparent as I went through FOUR BOXES of mail on Saturday. Some of which is unopened mail from six months ago. What is wrong with me??). Doing the heavy lifting of decorating (sometimes literally) is too much for me to take on. So the girls bug me about decorating, I bug Dan, I have the girls bug Dan, and Christmas Eve rolls around with no tree.

Dan’s take is “Let’s decorate Christmas Eve!” But my take is: I work DAMN hard to be done well before Christmas Eve. I chip away at gift buying and gift wrapping because I don’t want to be up past midnight on Christmas Eve. I intend to come home next Tuesday, exchange gifts with the nanny, eat dinner at my in-laws, put the kids to bed by 9 p.m. (okay, maybe 10 p.m. for the girls), put gifts under the tree — er, wait for Santa — and go to bed. I’m not spending my Christmas Eve figuring out why a string of lights is not working.

I stayed up past 11 p.m. the last three nights, mostly cleaning and wrapping gifts. I bugged Dan endlessly on Saturday and Sunday about going down the basement (henceforth to be known as the Dreaded Basement) to see what we had in terms of decorations. Dan helped with cleaning — as I have said, Dan is a better cleaner than I, but I do it daily, and he does it weekly. Yesterday, I went out alone to finish up my shopping (almost done! Dan sprung a surprise request on me that I have to pick up). Dan asked what I wanted him to accomplish while I was gone. I told him. He went next door to help his parents finish covering their dining room chairs. And then went to the Hobbit movie with a couple of my cousins.

Aside: there are pros and cons to the fact that he went to see the current installment of the Hobbit without me. Pro: I can wait to watch it with him when it comes out on DVD, and don’t have to sit through it in a theater. Con: Three-plus hours spent not decorating.

In the meantime, I had a panic attack in Target. Then I woke up today at 4 a.m. and thought about all the stuff I was going to do instead of working out this morning: take out garbage; vacuum; sweep kitchen floor; venture into the Dreaded Basement to assess damage from last year’s flood — this one more than anything kept me awake about an hour. I DON’T WANT TO GO DOWN THE BASEMENT. I hate it. Oh, and empty the dishwasher. Instead I fell back to sleep around 5 a.m., and didn’t hear my alarm, and thus didn’t wake up until 7 a.m. I’m lucky I got the kids fed, made coffee, and got the girls to school on time.

So, this week:
Tonight: GNO, a good thing; however, like Dan going to the Hobbit movie, time I will be having a good time and thinking about the house-related stuff I should be doing.
Tuesday: Bath night.
Wednesday: The girls’ school Christmas concert. I opted not to hire a sitter, so, HA, good luck with that.
Thursday: Bath night.
Friday: I *may* take the kids out to shop for Dan. If I don’t do it that evening, I don’t know if/when it’ll get done.
Saturday: My in-laws are taking the children out for their Christmas outing. I plan to bake/cook the afternoon away.
Sunday: Social thing. Finish up what’s not done.

I expect some late nights (i.e. 11 p.m. or later) this week. Or early mornings.

Just, please, not both.

Are you ready to snap at people who ask if you’re ready for Christmas? Or are you mellow?