Random Thoughts: The Pretty Successful Weekend Edition

1. What did not get done this weekend: not enough cleaning, and almost no Christmas decorating. I only cleaned the office for about 30 minutes — and the office needs much more than 30 minutes of cleaning. Basically, I cleared a minor path.

Instead, we did this:

2. “Played” outside in the snow. Meaning: I shoveled and salted my walk and my in-laws’ walk. The children bundled up and went sledding in the front yard. We had a scant two inches of snow, but the kids had a *blast*. We have just enough of a hill to get up some good speed, and it’s not so much of a hill that it’s hard to climb back to the top and do it again.

3. Hot chocolate! Real hot chocolate, from scratch. Note to self: I need to buy some marshmallows.

4. The library. My nanny picked M up around 11 a.m. to take him out for his birthday, so I was left with the two girls. Who promptly started bickering. So we went to the library. They each got 30 minutes on a computer, and they each checked out a Wii game, and between the two of them, they checked out every Elephant & Piggie book in the stacks. The rest of the day they were absorbed in their books and games, and I was able to clean. A little bit.

5. I also made beets, cornbread (again, from scratch), and vegetarian chili, and my mother-in-law made meat chili, and we had dinner together. So that was nice too.

6. Flora got her ears pierced.

Flora has been talking about piercing her ears for at least a year. And the past two months, she’s really been psyching herself up for it. The conversation about it always went like this:

Flora: When can I get my ears pierced?
Me: Whenever you decide you want to.
Flora: Does it hurt?
Me: Yes. Not a lot, but it does hurt.

On Saturday, she finally said, “Can we go tomorrow?” I told her I had to talk to her dad to make sure we could work out the timing (we both had other commitments as well).

And we did.

It hurt more than she thought it would, but she didn’t cry. She got little gold heart starter earrings.

And later, as we were walking through the mall, I discovered why she wanted to get her ears pierced.

7. Successful mall shopping. I am not a mall shopper. I prefer to stay away from malls. I will sometimes stray into a department store for work clothes. Otherwise, I don’t like malls. I find them overwhelming.

However, the only place I know of to get one’s ears pierced is Piercing Pagoda, and the only place to find Piercing Pagodas is in a mall. While we were there, I managed to pick up two birthday gifts and two stocking stuffers. It was in Claire’s where Flora said, “Oh, I want to show you something.” She wandered around and I stumbled onto one of the bday gifts and one stocking stuffer, and she came up to me with a pair of dangly earrings shaped like Christmas ornaments.

Now, she knows that she won’t be able to wear them this year, that she won’t be able to wear dangly earrings for nearly six months, and she’s a little disappointed. But she is also giddy that she screwed up the courage to finally get her ears pierced.

It’s kind of cute.

Now I just have to get her to clean them herself, and we’re set.

8. Chipped away at Christmas shopping. As one does.

What did you manage to get up to over the weekend?

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