No Plan

I had everything planned through Sunday evening. The travel plans had to be rearranged because of the weather, but Thanksgiving in North Carolina was successful, as was Michael’s third birthday party. Which is impressive considering we were coming back from a 4-day trip.

I didn’t plan on getting a wicked cold. When I get a cold, it starts in my throat. It is so painful. It started Sunday, and has continued. I’m drinking honeyed tea and downing Tylenol and ibuprofen like my life depends on it. And trying not to talk.

And now, I have no plan. Which is only problematic because Christmas is 22 days away, and I still have the bulk of my shopping, baking, and decorating to do.

It’s going to be tricky. I feel like I only have Saturdays to work with (and Sundays, I guess, depending). I’ll do most of my shopping online, so that’s okay. But I do want to do some homemade gifts and baking with the girls, and that will take a good solid afternoon. Or two.

I’m decorating in dribs and drabs. I don’t even know what all I have to decorate with because of last year’s basement backup. Fortunately most of the ceramic decorations were at Dan’s office and did not get ruined. I’m dreading going into what remains of the basement (Dan has managed to strip most of the basement down to concrete.)

And is it terrible to admit that I don’t want to do anything social this month? I will, of course (she said as several people cross her off their to-invite list). I just want to hunker down, do holiday stuff with my family, and not hire my babysitters very often.

My children are at interesting ages. Flora is becoming more worldly and sophisticated while also being firmly a child who wants to play. She likes to be alone; she is excited that she can start reading the Harry Potter series. (She asked to read the Hunger Games books, and I said no.) She doesn’t believe in Santa anymore, but she is totally willing to encourage her siblings to believe. When it comes to helping me during the holidays, she may or may not be willing.

On the other hand, Kate will delight in helping me. If she can have 100 percent of my attention while making salted caramel to give away to family members, she’ll be in. She’ll help me bake without complaining. I think she is on the fence about Santa, but she has not expressed her doubt out loud.

And Michael. Michael will be tough. He will *want* to help, so I’ll have to find something for him to do. Or he’ll want to play directly under my feet, of course. He’s totally on board with Santa, although he’s a little hazy on the details. Decorating with M around will be interesting as well. To M, all the world is a toy.

Anyhoo, I guess I better kick this cold and get to list making. Happy Holidays!

Do you have a plan for December, or are you just winging it?

PS: I forgot to remind people to comment as November wound down. However, I did get 40 comments (not counting my own replies) and so the Greater Community Food Bank will get $200 from us as a donation this year.