Day 31*: I am Thankful for Michael

Dear Michael,

No matter where we are or what we are doing, people want to engage with you. They smile at you, ask you questions, try to draw you out.

Most of the time, you act shy. You take awhile to warm up, even around family you haven’t seen for awhile.

I don’t know what draws people to you. I, of course, am biased. I think you are extraordinarily handsome, have the sweetest personality, are funny and engaging. Maybe people can sense your personality even as you try to hide behind one of my legs.

You are truly a joy. You have such a happy nature, and the simplest things can elicit a robust “YAY!” from you.

Of course you are headstrong and willful. Of course you pout and sometimes hit when you don’t get your way. Of course you have meltdowns and tantrums. You’re a child!

Otherwise, your father and I could not have asked for a better final addition to our family. You made us whole. We feel so blessed.


I love you, little man. Happy birthday!


*I know November only has 30 days. This is a bonus, just like my M.