Day 29: I am Thankful for Wilmington, NC

Here are a few things Wilmington, NC has that Pittsburgh does not:

Sand pipers
Sea shells
Prickly pear cacti (so cool)
Jellyfish (gross, but fascinating)
A beach
The ocean

My children like the beach and the ocean as well. So much so that telling them they could take off their shoes to wade ended up with M falling down (very upsetting accident) and Kate wet up to her neck (on purpose, although she found the walk back to the beach house upsettingly chilly).

Here are two other cool things Wilmington has that Pittsburgh doesn’t have.

A Serpentorium. Which, whoa.



And my BIL’s business, Fermental. If you can’t find it here, it’s not worth drinking.


Here’s the most important thing in Wilmington.


This is my sister Kristen. Doctor Sis. She’s been a lot of places: Florida, Baltimore, Ocean City, Virginia, Ithaca, Indianapolis.

Here is where she has found a home. A family (husband, stepdaughter,  dogs). A practice. A business.

I am thankful on her behalf.  And I am so, so glad we made the drive.

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