Day 21: I am Thankful for MedExpress

Because it’s the only way my husband goes to the doctor and gets the drugs he needs to get better.

Dan has pneumonia. “Early” pneumonia, they called it. Seeing as he’s been coughing for nearly six weeks, I’m a little curious as to what late pneumonia looks like, but never mind. He didn’t end up in the hospital, so there’s that. I’ve been telling him to go to the doctor for two weeks now.

Now we just need those drugs to work fast. I wonder if there’s any place that would give the rest of us (except Flora, who is already on antibiotics) prophylactic meds.

What traditional medicine are you thankful for today?

7 thoughts on “Day 21: I am Thankful for MedExpress

  1. Late pneumonia looks like hacking, high fevers, exhaustion, and shortness of breath. I assume that if you are really having trouble breathing or having an unbreakable fever, they’ll hospitalize you.

    Scot had it once in the days before I knew him. He drove from Columbus, OH to Pittsburgh, PA while half-delirious with a fever over 103. Insanity.

  2. I am grateful for cancer care and the kind people who work with cancer patients as my Dad is getting ready for his 4th chemotherapy treatment amd my Aunt is going througb another bout of ovarian cancer.

    So, so glad Dan got meds!

  3. I’m thankful for acupuncture today, which is traditional in Eastern cultures (I did read your thankful post about chiropractic care, but TODAY is the acupuncture happy hour!) and the juice that comes along with it at my session tonight 🙂

  4. I’m grateful for those all-in-one medical shops as well. Last year when I had bronchitis, I showed up at a PatientFirst office, and they took me through all the steps, from CAT Scans to treatment to filling my prescription and all areas took my insurance. (That was not so with my PCP, where I had to go somewhere different for each of those.) It’s not the “seeing the doctor” that keeps me from doing it… it’s the hassle.

    • I can understand that. And I know that Dan is *loathe* to miss work, because when he doesn’t work, he doesn’t get paid (der). And he’s the bread-winner. He feels the burden of the need to keep going. But he’s a lot more valuable to me alive and not in a hospital!!

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