Day 15: I am Thankful for Writing Prompts

This was yesterday’s writing prompt from NaBloPoMo, and I am using it today, because I’m on Day 2 of Noticeably More Cranky Than Usual, and what I’m really thankful for is the fact that it’s Friday and every second is a second closer to quitting time.

Prompt: Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I am a night owl in a family of night owls in a morning person’s world.

If I had my druthers, I would get up later, workout after work, eat a later dinner, and stay up until… oh 11 p.m., midnight. Possibly later. I would construct my day to match my internal clock.

However, since I am a grown up, I have managed to become functional in the morning, if not a morning person. I have even managed to become a person who gets up about three times a week earlier than I ever wanted to in order to actually work out. I AM STILL DOING THIS, AND I AM IMPRESSED WITH MYSELF.

Also, let’s face it, until a certain age (probably adolescence), children are morning people. So in some ways, it’s good that I’ve worked full-time jobs that have required my transformation into a morning person who had to be dressed and someplace by 8:30 or so in the morning. It helped immensely with motherhood, and becoming adjusted to the early morning needs of my progeny.

As my children have gotten older, though, the night-owl natures of their parents — Dan is more of a night owl than I am — has become evident in their own temperaments. They want to stay up late — past 10 p.m. if they can. They do not like to be awoken. Mornings are full of drama and dragging feet. Weekends are fine — God bless my children, they usually do not wake me up too early, and the girls even ask if I’ve had coffee before they get too outrageous with their demands. And this fact — that we are night-owl parents of night-owl children — is pretty much the reason we hire a nanny in the summer.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

3 thoughts on “Day 15: I am Thankful for Writing Prompts

  1. I think I’m a little bit of both, honestly. I get up with the kids and with the help of coffee can get my day started. I generally get the most done with my day in the mornings. Then, I kind of peter out toward the school letting out which means that it’s a slog to kid bedtimes.

    But once they’re in bed I tend to get a second wind and about 50% of the time I get involved in something (Tv, book, internet) and suddenly it’s midnight and I gotta go to sleep before I damn myself for tomorrow.

    However, when the kids were babies? I was in bed before 10 pm more often than not and doing all I could to snatch every scrap of sleep I could find.

  2. I have become a morning person by necessity of motherhood also, but my true nature is night owl. My hubby is a morning person, my son can be a middle of the night owl, my daughter has demonstrated a preference to stay up late, but since naps have been phased out she is just too pooped at the end of the day and nearly passes out as soon as her head hits the pillow. If I don’t hit the bed right after the kids do, I am usually up until Jon Stewart comes on. And I have become addicted to Big Bang Theory reruns 🙂 I SO miss sleeping in, and really cant speak coherently until I have at least one cup of coffee in me.

  3. I am not a morning person, though until I married my darling husband I didn’t realize there was a snooze button on my radio alarm. I just got up as late as possible to still be decently attired. He likes to be AWARE of sleeping in, really appreciate it I guess, because he plays alarm clock tag for an hour in the morning. This is a good thing; he wakes me up so I can take my medication at least 20 minutes before I actually have to get out of bed so that gravity isn’t quite so painful. I’m not a night owl though, either, because after about 10 I am perfectly happy snuggling in bed with a good book or a podcast. I don’t want to be out late in bars even though I’d love to hear good blues and the last time I went to a midnight movie was in college. My best friend easily stays up until 4 in the morning at conventions and I am in awe. I think I must be good from 10 to 2 or so, and downhill on either side.

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