Day 12: I am Thankful for Emails with Subject Lines Like “Pie”

Once you have children, spontaneity takes a hit. It’s hard to do things on the spur of the moment. If you want to have a date, you have to get a babysitter. Sudden spousal romantic interludes are things of the past. Even a “spontaneous” outing with the children can turn into trying to get out the door for two hours.

So it’s fun when a tweet about pumpkin pie turns into a weeknight dinner with friends. Granted, lots of the planning happens over email — “Will your kids eat this?” “Should I bring red or white wine — or both?” “What time?” — but then an ordinary weekday becomes something special to look forward to. Just like that.

Now, I’m a control freak, so I’ll do things like: pack a bag of clothes for the children, make sure I have Flora and Kate’s spelling words so I can still quiz them the night before their tests. I’ll probably bathe the children the night before as well so that I can change them into their pajamas and let them loose in my friend’s playroom.

But still. Something that comes together because of the offer of pie, and is going to happen in two days instead of two weeks — that’s as close to spontaneous as it can get for me!

Are you spontaneous, or are you a planner?