Day 10: I am Thankful for Largely Successful Weekends

Auction, attended. Met a nice couple that we hadn’t before, won a couple nice prizes, and our parents had a good time.

Soccer tournament… uh, this was kind of a low point. Moving along.

Flora’s birthday party went well. We polished off four Costco pizzas (two cheese and two pepperoni), most of a vegetable tray, three and a half bottles of wine, eight beers, and about a dozen juice boxes. Plus half a cake, four cupcakes, and a half-gallon of ice cream. Flora loved all her gifts.

The sleepover was about what you would expect. We handled any difficulties.

And by 12:30 p.m. today, everyone was out.

And even though my friend Jen and I stayed up cleaning the kitchen after the party, and Dan did the wine glasses Sunday morning, the house is kind of trashed, because I never got around to cleaning up from Sunday.

Oh well. Twenty-four treat bags are packed with clementines for the classroom, and I’m off to bed!