Day 8: The I am Thankful for Random Thoughts Edition

• I get to dress up in a pretty dress and ridiculously hot shoes tonight, and go have dinner and drinks with my husband. Granted, our parents (and a lot of other parents from our daughters’ school) will be there, too, but still.

Take your date nights where you can get them, my friends.

• My friend and stylist is even coming over to put up my hair! Fancy.

• It’s kind of interesting to have hair long enough to put up, actually. I’ve worn my hair short most of my life. It’s only been since M was born that I grew it out. Shoulder-length hair is a novelty!

• I really am glad that Slate redesigned their site, because it’s awful now, and I don’t spend long periods of time there the way I used to. However, I stumbled across these two stories in my Twitter timeline, and they are good. They hit home for me.

Time Off the Mommy Clock. I identify with this one because I have gone away from my children for extended times — usually long weekends, usually with Dan. It’s very refreshing to do; for me, a natural introvert, probably even necessary. I was single for 12 years of my adult life, and child-free for longer. It’s nice to remember, and to be free of the “mom” title for a couple of days.

I’ll say it again, take your free time where you can get it, parents. It’s good for you.

This second article made me weepy. It’s easy for a community to support a family when someone has cancer. But when a member has a mental illness, it’s a different ball of wax.

And it’s not about free food.

• I’m glad my parents are coming in this weekend, and staying for Flora’s party. Last year, I had just one party for the three kids, and I kind of wished I had done that again this year, but I couldn’t figure out a good time. We’re traveling for Thanksgiving, so I couldn’t plan it for then. Oh, well. My sister and her family will be able to have cake with M!

• I’m really glad we’ve planned a trip for Thanksgiving. I need a vacation, even it is a family one! (Just kidding, family.)

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