Day 2: I am Thankful for My Smartphone

I am writing my day 2 post at the salon while getting a pedicure. (Which I will be thankful for tomorrow.) I downloaded the WordPress app to my phone, and I’m typing away.

I love the convenience of having a smartphone. I do A LOT on my phone: schedule appointments, look up recipes, Google answers to #floraquestions, keep my calendar, make lists. Plus, email, Twitter, and the like.

I have to watch it with my smartphone. I tend to be too attached to it. (My father is reading this and nodding.) But I am thankful, nonetheless. That I can afford a phone, that I have people I communicate with on it, that it keeps me connected. I even like that my children can play games on it (in moderation).

I’m glad I have a smartphone especially on weekends. I don’t need to go sit in front of a computer. I do that enough during the week!

3 thoughts on “Day 2: I am Thankful for My Smartphone

  1. I worry I stare at my phone too much, too. But since I’ve made it a rule that it will not be looked at other than to do a quick reply or read an email in front of my kids, the guilt has been super reduced. If they’re playing together, then fine, I’ll look. But if they’re with me and need me, I’m all theirs. (In moderation 😉 )

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