Day 2: I am Thankful for My Smartphone

I am writing my day 2 post at the salon while getting a pedicure. (Which I will be thankful for tomorrow.) I downloaded the WordPress app to my phone, and I’m typing away.

I love the convenience of having a smartphone. I do A LOT on my phone: schedule appointments, look up recipes, Google answers to #floraquestions, keep my calendar, make lists. Plus, email, Twitter, and the like.

I have to watch it with my smartphone. I tend to be too attached to it. (My father is reading this and nodding.) But I am thankful, nonetheless. That I can afford a phone, that I have people I communicate with on it, that it keeps me connected. I even like that my children can play games on it (in moderation).

I’m glad I have a smartphone especially on weekends. I don’t need to go sit in front of a computer. I do that enough during the week!