Day 1: I am Thankful for Food

I’m attempting two things this month: NaBloPoMo (posting every day) and 30 Days of Thanks (posting things for which I am thankful every day). I need to overhaul the blog so I can get the widgets in the right place. Hoping to have a little time to accomplish that this weekend (HA!).

Today’s inaugural post was inspired by Sue Kerr’s post about spending one million dollars in one day. She talked about how the SNAP program is taking a huge hit because of the stimulus ending today. And I realized how lucky I am in that I don’t need to think about that. As Sue points out, not only is the SNAP program being cut back now, but, “More cuts could come as Congress continues to target the working poor, the disabled and senior citizens, as well as children, instead of corporate excess.”

I could certainly do a better job of budgeting for groceries. Instead, I tend to take it for granted that we can afford to be part of a CSA. On top of that, I can spend some bucks at one or two farmers markets in the area. My children do not want for a selection of healthy, fresh produce.

Additionally, I pay a minimal fee to shop online and pick up my groceries. I don’t think I could be more spoiled.

In the meantime, people in need are losing money and access to food. Sue’s post is sobering.

I am thankful that my children like fruits and vegetables. Michael usually eats his veggies first (he loves steamed green beans and broccoli). Flora prefers crunchy vegetables: raw green beans and carrots, salads, and some days she eats two apples. Kate isn’t fussy; she’ll eat just about any fruit or vegetable I offer.

I am thankful that I can offer them fresh food without thinking twice.

Here are somethings I will be doing to help with hunger in my community:

1. Donating candy. I know, tough one right? However, the girls’ school collects “extra” Halloween candy, and donates it to Meals on Wheels, Allegheny Valley School, West Hills Food Pantry, and PA National Guard 171st Air Refueling Wing. Everyone deserves a treat!
2. I’m also offering to donate any extra candy my coworkers want to give me.
3. The girls’ school will also be doing a food drive. We’ll participate!
4. I will donate $5 to Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank for every comment I get this month. According to Sue, the food bank can multiple donations by 5, so even $5 means $25 in food for someone else. I’ll be reminding you of this as the month goes on.

7 thoughts on “Day 1: I am Thankful for Food

  1. I was planning on just liking this as I read it, since I find it admirable you’re A) participating in these blog friendly things and B) most people don’t take the time to appreciate something as vital as food, but because you’re going to donate $5 for every comment I thought I would leave one of those too. Keep on keeping on!

  2. This is a lovely way to encourage people to fight hunger & help our neighbors. And engage in some self-examination to appreciate things like apples. Thanks for posting, challenging (and linking)

  3. What an awesome idea on the donations!

    I am so jealous that your kids eat so well! We have tried and tried with Sarah since she was a baby to get her to be a fruit and veggie lover with little success. We still sneak them in, of course, but it’s not an easy, joyous eating experience for her.

  4. This is the best post! I will visit everyday and leave a comment. I can’t believe it’s that easy to help someone. I am so blessed to be able to afford fresh fruit and veggies. My kids love them too and I’m scared about what this will mean for the people I know who need the SNAP benefits. Thank you for actively making the world a better place! Please feel free to stop by sometime at

  5. I Kind Of Feel Guilty. I May Not Have Anything Worth $5 To Say, But Im Going To Say It Anyway. I Am Grateful For My Garden Spot, Because There’s Something Healing About Growing And Making My Own Food. I Know Canning Can Be Difficult But Its So Much Better Than Half Raw Tomatoes That Taste Like Cardboard.

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