I got an email from my girls’ school last week. It basically said that the Intruder Lockdown drill the school had done with the students went very well. Then it further informed me that they would let us know how next month’s lockdown drill went.

I have some conflicting feelings, most of them summed up pretty well here, “Are Lockdown Drills Necessary?”.

Due to the Sandy Hook tragedy last December, my children’s school has implemented some extra security measures this year. And I’m fine with that. I’m not even necessarily against security drills per se. Sure, teach the kids what to do in an emergency. More importantly, teach the teachers and administrators how to calmly direct kids, and keep them safe without freaking them out.

But once a month? I talked to one father whose school does them once a week.

That seems like overkill. It’s what Lenore Skenazy of Free-Range Kids calls worst-first thinking. We take the worst case scenario, and prepare for that.

Again, I understand drills, and being prepared. We had fire drills at school — maybe twice a year. What I don’t understand is the frequency of these lockdown drills and inculcating children to the fact that a gunman is going to break into their school. Random school shootings are incredibly, incredibly rare (and horrifically tragic). The messages I want my kids to receive are that school is a safe place, and that the adults around are ready to deal with emergencies.

The latter shouldn’t take monthly drills, in my opinion.


When I talked to my girls about this, they were very matter-of-fact, so I’m grateful. According to Flora, her teacher has a big, red bucket full of snacks. “And toilet paper,” she added.

Toilet paper?

“Sure. And if someone has to go to bathroom, they have to use the bucket.” She thought for a minute. “I guess we’d have to dump the snacks out first.”

I guess!

Does your kid’s school (or kids’ schools) do lockdowns? How do you feel about that?