The Weekend Belonged to The Duck

Once a month, we have a down weekend. No social plans, no dinner guests, no birthday parties. I schedule it, and put in on Dan’s calendar too.

And then we play the weekend by ear. Usually it means a goodly amount of cleaning, shopping, and/or cooking.

This weekend, though, due to good planning and dinner guests *last* weekend, which meant the house was pretty clean already, we had some freedom to play around. And the weather! My goodness, I would order this weather for every weekend from now until Thanksgiving if I could. It’s perfect.


The only thing on the schedule was Flora’s 1 p.m. soccer game on Saturday, which was at a field about five minutes from the house. Plenty of siblings show up, and there’s a playground there. Dan and I took turns rooting for Flora and making sure Kate and M didn’t wander away from the playground.

Saturday, we had “Yes Day”. This is the day that, given a reasonable request, I say yes to the kids. They played by the rules. So: they did not have to clean their room (Flora: Can I clean my room tomorrow?); we went out to dinner; and we went to the toy store. They didn’t get too crazy, asking to watch TV all day or eat only candy. They also stayed up late, although I sent the girls to their room at 10 p.m., and I went to bed at 11 p.m. I told them they had to turn in no later than midnight — Yes Day would officially be over. Flora confessed they didn’t make it much past 11:30. It had been a busy day!

Sunday, we bummed around a little bit. Flora and I went to Mass and ran a couple of errands, which somehow included a red velvet cupcake.

And then we went to see The Duck.

I, for one welcome, our new duck overlord.

Flora is the girl kneeling in pink in the middle down there. She was amazed by The Duck, but was also fascinated by the Canada geese and mallards paddling around. M was intrigued by the boats.

The kids bounced around, checking out the duck, the fountains, and the boats. Dan and I revisited our engagement spot (the confluence — is this a Pittsburgh cliche? I don’t care if it is, just curious).

And the weather was just fantastic. Did I mention that yet?

I love that the duck is in Pittsburgh because it’s such a joyful symbol of childhood juxtaposed with the city of my adulthood.

Or, you know, a giant zombie Trojan duck that will suck out your soul.

You choose.

4 thoughts on “The Weekend Belonged to The Duck

  1. Love! LOL! We got to see Spamalot at the playhouse this weekend, so all i can think about looking at this duck is imagining him with giant bloody fangs surrounded by medieval corpses. So i gotta go with the zombie duck 🙂

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