Random Thoughts: The Things I’m Getting Right Edition

Obviously, not blogging!

1. I am packing the children’s lunches every night. This saves me so much aggravation in the morning, I can’t even tell you. I *do* need to branch out in terms of what I send in with them (in my opinion; I can tell you now, they are probably perfectly content).

That said: My children are ravenous beasts. They eat their entire lunch, their after-school snack (for the girls), and come home to eat two or three helpings of dinner.

2. Which leads to the other thing I’m doing right: meal planning! I don’t have this down to a science, but writing on my whiteboard what I am cooking that evening helps me immensely. Again, I need to change things up a touch more, IMO, but knowing what I am going to cook for dinner when we finally get our butts home reduces my stress about that to nearly zero.

3. Whiteboards. We have two white boards in our kitchen and two bulletin boards as well. The big whiteboard has day-of-the-week magnets across the top, and family member names down the side. I list school activities and due dates, chores, and the meals on there. The bottom space is called “House”, and that’s where I put my dinners.

The other whiteboard is for shopping lists: Grocery, Costco, and Target. It also has day of the week magnets, and I note which day is which girl’s (i.e. Monday: Flora, Tuesday: Kate, etc.). This nips the bickering over who gets to do what first. Depending on whose day it is that person gets to pick the nighttime show, or use the computer first, but also has to shower and put on pajamas first.

And, no, M is not in the rotation just yet.

I update the whiteboards each Sunday.

The two bulletin boards are also for the girls’ school work, calendars, paperwork that needs to be returned, and so on. M does need one of these, too, as daycare comes with its own share of paperwork.

4. Dishwasher: I run it every night, and I empty every morning while kids are eating breakfast and I’m waiting for my coffee to brew. I love being able to load it up while making dinner.

All-in-all, we are settling into good evening and morning routines. The girls are learning to do their homework in after school care; to start setting the table when we get home; to clear, rinse, and put their dishes in the dishwasher when they are done. Flora has become better about practicing violin, and is eager to practice recorder. They are pretty good about getting ready in the morning once they drag their butts out of bed. Sometimes they have to be kept on task, and oh do they like to bicker in the mornings.

We’re still figuring out the soccer practice thing. Flora has it twice a week (although they’ve had it only once a week because of weather), and games are on Saturdays. Of course, by the time I do figure it out, the season will be over. And we’ll be on to the next thing.

Got any new routines? How are they going?

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Things I’m Getting Right Edition

  1. Very nice. Sounds like military precision. Plus, by advertising that night’s meal, you don’t have to field all those whiny (well, they were in my house) “What’s for dinner?” queries constantly.

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