Walking With A Ghost

Lately, my dreams are filled with The Ex, old friends, and Twitter peeps, which makes for very odd juxtapositions.

I have had the occasional Ex dreams, of course. I assume most people have. Who knows why. I assure you, consciously, it’s not regret. The past two weeks, though, I have had an Ex dream every other night.

Of course, I’m not sleeping well in the first place. Dan injured himself working out last week (official diagnosis: rib contusion), so sleeping with him means being woken up every time he shifts position. Plus, I don’t what it is, but my ear plugs don’t seem to be working any more. And Dan can snore while sleeping on his side.

In short: sleep is no good right now. I’m sure my stress levels have plenty to do with that too.

Then yesterday, Dr. Bro texted to tell me he had run into an old friend of mine (old as in former not as in aged), and she said to tell him to tell me she said hi.

Did I get enough tells in there?

That was really weird. This former friend cut off all contact with me when Kate was about 8 or 10 months old. She had her reasons.

Talking to Dan about it last night, he said, “Remember, to err is human, to forgive divine.”

I said, “I don’t have to forgive her for anything. She didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Sure she did,” Dan said.

I shrugged. I don’t think he’s correct on that. Like I said, she had her reasons for not wanting to be around me. Our lives were going in different directions. Sometimes, you can’t hold onto friendships when that happens.

So last night’s dream was filled with Former Friend, the Ex (and his sad, apologetic smile — gosh, he was a pro at that expression!), and Mindy from Twitter, who was baking lots of cookies. Another thing going on on Twitter: talk of cookie tables at Pittsburgh weddings.

These dreams, the snoring I can’t sleep through or escape unless I decide to sleep on the couch, the stress insomnia.

Why do we dream? Do you have ghosts in your head? Did you have a cookie table at your wedding?

2 thoughts on “Walking With A Ghost

  1. I rarely remember a dream. (I’m told I DO dream, but just don’t remember them when I awake.) But when I do, they are usually doozies. The kind where for a few hours you would swear that stuff in your dream happened in real life until you remember… no, that was only a dream. And you are super relieved.

  2. I don’t remember my dreams much anymore; between the medication I use to keep the aches and pains from waking me up and the aches and pains themselves, I either sleep too soundly or not much at all. But I remember vividly I dream I had when I was in high school wherein I was playing poker and betting my banana plantation on what was a losing hand, then taking this menacing man walking around trying to ‘find’ a banana plantation to give him – since I didn’t own one. The high green banana plants were so vividly emerald. The only message from my subconscious I can derive from it is not to go to sleep while listening to Jimmy Buffett.

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