Random Thoughts: The Upcoming Edition

1. I’m going to write something about the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case as part of a Pittsburgh Bloggers round of blogging. That should be happening next Monday.

2. I just finished What Do Women Want: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire, and I have All the Thoughts. Dad, there will be a lot of disclaimers about not reading my site. Proceed accordingly.

3. I was an exceedingly lazy parent last week, and I keep meaning to write about that. Unfortunately, I’m also a pretty lazy blogger, so I haven’t quite gotten around to doing that yet. Maybe tomorrow.

4. I have a family vacation coming up at the end of the month. So I’ll probably go *poof* for about a week. Definitely from this site, possibly from Twitter. It really bugs my parents when I tweet. Which, *shrug*, but I will be very, very busy in any case. I do have a spa date on vacation (pedicure! facial!), but after that, it’s going to be running with the kids (arcade! pool! zipline! dogs!) all the time. That’s pretty much family vacation with kids go.