Random Thoughts: The Questions Too Hard To Answer Right Now Edition

Flora, as has been established, asks a lot of questions.

I like that she asks questions, and I am always more than happy to answer most of them (even the ones about sex).

That, as a matter of fact, was question number one today.

1. “Mom, how can there be boy and girl twins?”

I tried explaining that fraternal twins were two separate eggs fertilized at the same time, but I lost her around “sperm”. Which is weird because I thought we had that discussion already.

2. “Mom, how come some people call boys ‘ladies’? Like, gym teachers?”

I can only assume she saw something on TV in which this happened.

What I said: “They are being sarcastic.”

What I wanted to say, but didn’t: “They are being misogynist pigs who think that women are wimpier than men. Let me tell you something, if men were in charge of pregnancy and childbirth, the human race would’ve died out.”

See, Dan? I show restraint occasionally!

3. Kate on the other hand, lobs softball questions.

“Mom, what’s the difference between cupcakes and muffins?”
“Cupcakes have frosting.”

She also sometimes takes things a little further on her own, which I admire.

“Muffins have stuff in them too. Cupcakes don’t.”
“Right! Like fruit or chocolate chips. Very good, Kate.”

4. Michael doesn’t ask too many questions, unless he’s parroting his sisters. But he does say “cup-a-cake” and “pan-a-cake” and that is too cute not to mention.

What’s the hardest question a kid asked you recently?

8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Questions Too Hard To Answer Right Now Edition

  1. We crossed paths with a very little bit of the PRIDE parade while downtown for the Pirates game on Sunday. So we got to answer: what is it a parade for? Why are there so many rainbows? Why does her sign say ” out of the closet”? For our 9 year old and 6 year old.

  2. I got to explain adoption the other day. I also tried (tried being the key word, I so failed) at explaining who our Reproductive Endocrinologist was and what she did. ie “helped get you in mommy’s belly”.

      • I usually explain twins, to kids at least, that they are really just 2 babies born at once. We don’t have many run ins with identical twins, in face, ALL of the twins in my twin group are fraternal.

        Or you can just say that there was a Buy One Get One free sale at Magee that day, that’s my goto response 😉

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