Random Thoughts: The Too Much Information Edition

Another reason I haven’t been blogging as often — Hello! Welcome to my internal stream of consciousness — is because there are WAY too many issues I could write about, most of them centered on women’s issues.

I’m a feminist, by the way. Have I mentioned that?

Anyhoo, here are just a few things I’ve had thoughts about in the past, oh, 24 hours.

1. That poll about working mothers. Or women breadwinners. Or however you want to parse that poll.

First of all, 51% think female breadwinners — i.e. a woman supporting a family with children under 18 — are a negative thing?

Hello, gentlemen. Welcome to the 21st century. Women have been entering the workforce in large numbers for 40+ years now. They do more than become nurses and teachers. Get used to it.

The most interesting take I read about the results from this poll came from Will Saletan at Slate, who tried parsing the numbers differently, to see if age, marital status, and/or parenthood effected one’s positions on these social questions. Really good stuff here.

What do you think? Has your age, whether or not you’re married or single, and whether you’re a parent changed your views? How or why?

2. The age-old question: What Do Women Want?

Someone wrote a book! Ballsy.

Seriously, though, I am fascinated by this research. One of the upshots of the science explored in this book is that women (as a sex) may not be the shy, monogamous creatures that society paints them as. Author Daniel Bergner goes toe-to-toe with evolutionary psychology (*cough* crackpots *cough*) in this book.

I just ordered it from Amazon. I’ll let you know what I think! (Of course I will.)

3. #FBRape and how an Internet campaign took on a giant — and won. (Kinda.) (I totally want to be Jessica Valenti when I grow up [profanity ahead].)

4. A little outrage over some other women stuff from fellow Pittsburgh blogger @scarletfire. (No. No I’m not OK with it.)

5. Grin and bear it. Bear with me.
Not BARE. C’mon, people. (No links. Just my latest pet peeve in the grammar/spelling wars.)