Random Thoughts: The Really Random Edition

1. Three therapy sessions in, and I’m starting to forget why I’m in therapy. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. It makes me feel better; it’s just nice to have a space to spill for an hour.

2. Things making me pretty happy lately: Pittsburgh Penguins playoff hockey. My new pants.

3. One thing really making me unhappy lately: that I can’t seem to string together blog posts. It seems that my blogging is in a very unsustainable state at this point. Been here before, to be sure.

4. Mother’s Day for me was so-so. I managed to get a pedicure and do quite a bit of reading. (Current novel: NOS4ATU by Joe Hill.)

5. Joe Hill looks a lot like his father.

6. Need to get my hands on a non-fiction book next. Thinking of looking for Sugar, Salt, Fat at the library. Anyone read it yet?

7. The Ford Flex is a gas hog. This is not surprising.

8. I haven’t been crazy about much music in 2013 so far, but this is what I do like: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album Mosquito, and Vampire Weekend’s new single “Diane Young” (album due out today).

That’s all I got today. How about you?