Random Thoughts: The Breathless Edition

Too much happening. I feel like I’m rushing toward something. I’m probably just trying to get to next week, when we’ll start all over.

1. M’s had diarrhea for more than a week now. God bless my in-laws who have had him yesterday and today.

No fever. Absolutely no loss of energy. Sleeping well, and taking nice naps. His appetite maybe isn’t up to snuff, but he’s kind of a picky eater anyway. He’ll pick at one or two meals, and then inhale All The Things. I have him on a very bland diet — bananas, rice, tofu, plain bread, yogurt.

I am really hoping things, er, solidify, so by tomorrow he can go back to daycare. Although, let’s face it, he probably picked this up there.

Sometimes, you can’t win.

2. Flora’s First Holy Communion is this weekend. What a lot of planning that has taken! Knock on wood, but we are all set except for ordering the cake.

I had a nightmare Wednesday morning that it was the Saturday of Flora’s FHC. We had completely forgotten to get a cake, and we were running late already. I got Flora to the event, which was set at my old grade school. At some point, the dream morphed into a war in which me and about six other people were defending the kids and families at the communion from attack. Instead of St. George’s cafeteria, we were in an apocalyptic landscape running for our lives from these mercenaries.

What, me worry?

3. Dan, on Tuesday, right before we walked into a car dealership showroom: “We’re not going to buy a car today.”

Four hours later, we signed the paperwork on this:

God bless my husband. He trusts me.

That nut.

4. I have to pick a dress to wear for Saturday. And pick something to wear to the Black Keys concert Tuesday. And pack for Kentucky that weekend. And pack bags for the kids to stay with Dr. Bro and his sainted wife (and their four boys). And buy a hat for the Kentucky Oaks.

Life is an adventure, people. You can either embrace it or suck it up, and sometimes, which just depends on the situation.

What’s next for you?