Gun Denial

A conservative gentleman whom I follow on Twitter tweeted a Breitbart News headline about an ABC poll.

According to the ABC poll, Americans believe guns make homes safer, 51 to 29 percent (gun owners, not surprisingly, believe it more, with a result of 75 percent).

The key word here is “believe”.

Here’s the thing: Science proves these people wrong: Gun owners are 4.5 times more likely to be shot, shows this 2009 study.

So along with creationist proponents and climate change deniers, we now have another group of people who don’t care what science says. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some overlap in these groups.

I don’t mind the reporting of the poll results. That’s all fine. However, if we are going to say “people believe” can we please also say “studies in fact show”? Is that so hard?

In lieu of a spluttering rant about the Senate defeat of gun control measures, which happened in the middle of last week, which was just horrible pretty much all the way around (The Onion pretty much nails it), I send you to Carpetbagger, who said it better (and more calmly) than I could.

I will keep saying this: The status quo on guns in this country cannot stand. If Congress won’t do its job to make us safer because of the NRA and gun lobby, then they need to be fired. I bet it’ll make the economy improve, too. Just a feeling.

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