Random Thoughts: The It Was Good for Me Edition

On Wednesday, I did three things that were very good for me.

1. I got up and worked out.

Full disclosure: I only got up because at 6-6:15 a.m., I wasn’t sleeping anyway. Kate had come into our bed about 20 minutes earlier and woke me up. On one hand, I didn’t want to leave my bed. On the other hand, Kate is not a cuddly or quiet sleeping companion. Finally, a few minutes after 6, I realized I would be getting up shortly anyway. May as well try to do something constructive with that time.

More disclosure: I would not rate it as one of my better attempts at working out. I’m still figuring out what is on my On Demand channels. I am looking for Pilates or upper body workouts that are under 30 minutes. I need to up my cardio, too, but for now I think I will try to walk/run more often, especially playing outside with the kids.

The real trick will be to see if I can make this a regular habit.

2. I went to my first therapy appointment.

Now, there’s a lot I can say about this, but I’m just going to highlight a few things.

First, I only cried twice. The first instance I teared up took me off guard. As I said at the time to the therapist (she’s a Licensed Counselor, not a Ph.D.), “And now I’m crying for some reason.” The second instance I had felt coming for a long time and I cried because I was able to finally, finally say something out loud in a safe space. It’s a terrifying admission (and, no, dear readers, I cannot as of yet confess it here), and I got to say it without repercussions. The tears were as much for the terror as for the relief.

Second, I asked about medication more out of curiosity than anything else. Medication would not be my first choice to deal with the things I am dealing with (an “overwhelming life” as one of my close friends put it later), but I wanted to know what the therapist thought. (I am going to have to come up with a name or initial to refer to My Therapist here… MT? LC?)

Paraphrasing: “I usually suggest medication when I don’t hear any hope. You don’t sound hopeless. You’ve described a very happy, full life. You recognize your blessings. You’re just having troubles with some very specific issues.”

I concur.

Third, she asked what I would change about my life, what would make it easier. I answered without hesitation, “Working part time.” So there you go.

We set up another time to meet, and we will probably meet every two weeks for a while. She also gave me homework (a writing assignment!), which I appreciate.

3. I got a haircut and style, for which I was overdue.

Every little bit helps.


With all that out of the way: What a week. My most sincere prayers go out to everyone affected by the tragedies in Boston and West, Texas.

What did you do that was good for you this week, readers?